“Sal Lima and co-writer Dave DiCecco have developed into top notch songwriters”
SAL LIMA’S thoughts on songwriting and recording are shared at with an in depth interview on the music resource website,
Their music was chosen by HMWN- Radio Maria Canada’s production of the “Luminous Mysteries”
and as a soundtrack for various HMWN Radio Maria Canada media productions
“Great Artist! Better Day (reprise), the final track on the album Goin’ Rockin’ is a great tune –almost like an epic.”
Rick Levine, Toronto musician and producer/Radio Host of Inside the ICEBOX, CIWS 102.9, Whistle FM
“Amazing CD! You will find a world of believers here for this stellar project.”
Gary Hendrix,, Independent Music Network, West Hollywood, California




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North of Superior

His 2003 debut recording, “North of Superior” was charted on campus radio and aired on the Stingray Music channel for over a decade.

      North of Superior sample

Featuring samples of tracks “North of Superior,” The Way I Feel” and “This is My Country”